Chapter Seventeen: Trapped

I have to admit, it was a compelling offer. Then she made it more compelling.

She took me aside.

“Listen, hon. I can reverse-engineer Ada and learn how to make the bodies easy enough. It's the mind I need. And I have it on good authority that the lesbo had nothing to do with that. That was you. I've got a special offer for you.” She pushed some hair back out of her face like a sexy cliché. “It's no secret that to get where I am, as a woman, even in the New and Improved China, you have to fuck your way to the top. But that only gets you to the second rung. You have to have something special to get that one last step. Something that really stands out. And I have something that other women don't have.”

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Let me guess. A dick.”

“Way to steal my thunder. Yeah. I have everything. The whole package. Both packages, actually. Part through birth, but my family hired some gene therapists to try to right the whole thing. Tons of new research. When I got the inheritance the first thing I did is order my equipment back. I led the Anarchist Revolution you know. Because nobody should tell you who you are, not your parents, your doctors, your government. I decided who I was and I had the doctors build it. My cock, my cunt, they are both perfect. The best money can buy, and both biological. I can offer you everything you could ever want. Money? Easy. Fame? A little media spinning and you are the savior of the human race. Sex? I got dirt on every major political and corporation leader, and I did it all the hard way. And like I said, I saw the news report. I'm your dream girl.”

“Is my proclivity towards sodomy the only thing anyone knows about me?” I said. Then I added “Jeez. Aphrodyke must be rubbing off on me.” Then Mao grabbed my hand and pushed it down the front of her pencil skirt. She wasn't lying. The fantasies I had lived out on the Net were nothing like this. Because there was nothing on the line. Ultimately, the fantasies always did what you wanted. But this woman, whose huge, soft dick was in my hand, whose crotch was steamy from the secretions of her vagina, was completely unpredictable. She had the power to do anything. She was making me offers that might be lies or might be my dreams come true. And it was giving me the hardest erection I had ever had. It felt like it was going to Clark Kent right out of my pants, maybe scratch someone's face with exploding zipper shards. I was getting light-headed from the sudden change in blood pressure.

I pulled my hand out from her skirt. “Listen, Mao,” I said. “I honestly don't know what the fuck is going on around here. I don't want fame or fortune. All I really want is my anonymity back. I just want to be some regular jackoff who when I go to the store people don't go 'Oh! It's him!', they just tell their kids not to end up like me. I'm too fucked up to be a hero. I'm scared of how fucking crazy I would go if I had the money to support my disturbed whims. I didn't sign up for this shit. All I wanted was to get high and jerk off. And the fucker who did this to me is the only one who can set it right. Once he does that, I'll be happy to give you whatever secrets I found through him. I don't give a shit about his grand fucking plan. It's nothing personal. And I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't give my left nut for a night with you, but my whole life? I can't do that. You just aren't powerful enough to fix what this guy has done to me.” I walked back over to Ada and Aphrodyke.

“What does she have that I don't?” Ada pouted. “I can't get you to do that to me!”

“Ada, when this is all over, I will fuck you til my dick chafes. But somehow, for the first time in my post-pubescent life, sex is the last thing I am looking for.”

Aphrodyke patted my back. “For part of the Patriarchy, I think I'm starting to get you,” she said.

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