We Write Weird Shit

A podcast where my co-host Jake and I make each other read weird stories we write based on listener suggestions.

Random Transmissions

A short story I wrote titled Hour of the Weevil-Beasts was featured in Episode 4 of Random Transmissions. Listen on iTunes, YouTube, or Stitcher.

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Princes of the Universe

A short comic in the anthology Killer Queen


The Outhouse

I review comics on this snark-filled toilet-humor website.

Free Reading

Short Stories

Kid Medusa (Theme of Absence)

A girl with living hair trying to find her place in a private school for monsters.

The Sorrowful Mysteries (Deadman's Tome)

A surreal prayer in which a man is eaten by his guilt.


How a shapeshifting goddess came to be the mother of monsters.

An Unusual Happening on T'Ros

A Warhammer 40k fanfic / Mpreg / indecent disaster.

Gyndroid Bordello

A robot sex worker contemplates existence.

Between Sentinels

An inappropriate X-Men fanfic.


Mars sends a rover to Earth, it doesn't recognize us as an intelligent life form, takes samples, and leaves.

In Progress

Cell-Shaded Gods

A programmer/writer named Theia has stunned the world with the creation of her artistic AI Mawu-Lisa and the cartoon they co-create, Theiacracy. But something ancient is watching too, and it's dreams are making the show all too real.

Do Gyndroids Dream of Electric Dicks?

Comedy cyberpunk novel about a hapless slacker who becomes an accidental terrorist while tripping on a new cyber drug. Formerly called Dreammaker.

Mounties of the Apocalypse

A graphic novel about four Canadian mounted police from a small town in Saskatchewan who discover that they are the horsemen from the book of Revelations and it is up to them to prevent Ragnarok. In collaboration with the gifted and generous Richard Schlaack of Blind Alley Comics.

Art is Dead

A comic about an Erlenmeyer flask private investigator that solves mysteries with the Ghost of Art.


Nihilistic Western novella about an apathetic asshole who kills anyone who gets in his way. 

The Tenth Rune

Norse fantasy novel about a dead jarl and how he saved Askrlim from a magic that defied the will of the gods and the nature of life itself. Formerly called Flight of the Valkyrie. I've posted a short story about one of the gods for your reading pleasure. To learn more about the inhabitants of Askrlim, there is a page here where I list the various beings I have created for the world.

Hell on Earth

Dystopian comic series about a group of social outcasts navigating the spaces between society in a world overrun with formerly human monsters. 

Nat and Nil

An antisocial girlchild struggles through school and family issues with the help of a monstrous demon only she can see.