Where to Read

Listen Online

Black Box

A podcast written, produced and performed by me about the lone survivor of a plane crash in a supernatural wilderness.

We Write Weird Shit

A podcast where my co-host Jake and I made each other read weird stories we wrote based on listener suggestions.



My poem The Gods in the Ground appears in Issue 3 of Recompose.

Theme of Absence

My short story Kid Medusa was published on the online magazine Theme of Absence. It is accompanied by fantastic artwork by my good friend Betty Rocksteady as well as an interview with me about my writing process.

Deadman's Tome

My flash fiction piece The Sorrowful Mysteries appears in the online journal Deadman's Tome.

Random Transmissions

A short story I wrote titled Hour of the Weevil-Beasts was featured in Episode 4 of Random Transmissions. Listen on iTunes, YouTube, or Stitcher.

Princes of the Universe

A short comic in the anthology Killer Queen

Read Online

In addition to the above publications, I've also posted the following stories here for your enjoyment.

Halloween Microfiction

I wrote a series of short horror pieces based on text messages sent by friends.


How a shapeshifting goddess came to be the mother of monsters.

An Unusual Happening on T'Ros

A Warhammer 40k fanfic / Mpreg / indecent disaster.

Gyndroid Bordello

A robot sex worker contemplates existence.

Between Sentinels

An inappropriate X-Men fanfic.


Mars sends a rover to Earth, it doesn't recognize us as an intelligent life form, takes samples, and leaves.


The Outhouse

I reviewed comics on this snark-filled toilet-humor website.