Sunday, November 6, 2022

A Long-Overdue Update

Well it's been like 5 years since I touched this website, but there's a lot to talk about in that time!

First of all, if you go visit the Where to Read section, you will see it has been cleaned up and updated. And first and foremost among that is my very first anthology inclusion!

To save you a click, here is the info:

Listen: The Sound of Fear cover

My short story titled On the Other Side of Sound appears in NineStar Press's Listen: The Sound of Fear anthology, available in both print and ebook from Amazon, or if you don't want to support one of the planet's biggest assholes, the NineStar Press website.

I'm super excited for this inclusion, and the group of writers is a great bunch. There's a huge diversity of approaches in this anthology, despite the relatively tight theme, so be sure to give it all a read!

Next up is an update on WIP. 

I recently finished up a second draft of my current novel-in-progress, Into the Dragon Isles, a kids portal fantasy novel à la The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Mine plays with minor horror themes and overall just has a more nuanced morality than Lewis' masterpiece, and I hope to find a home for it soon. It's about a young girl whose dad commits suicide, leaving her a key to a magical land inhabited by fantastical creatures, but finds a lot more to learn about herself and her dad while she is there.

Mock-up only, I do not own the rights to the art or anything

I also finished reading it aloud to my daughter, who has insisted that I begin work on the sequel, Beneath the Dragon Isles, immediately. So I guess this is my announcement that my next WIP is the first-ever sequel I've begun!

Another mock-up, again no art rights claimed here

As always, I have a lot of other irons in the fire (I think about 3 other novels at varying levels of "in the works", but none of them are ready for unveiling yet.

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