Chapter One: Awakening

I snorted another line of the DreamMaker shit I had gotten off U.D.Jack (short for you don’t know). Of course, online you didn’t need to snort it, you could take it however you wanted or just not take it and have its effects kick in through the software automatically. But I liked snorting it. I liked how IBM, when developing the VR software, tried to make snorting things unpleasant, to discourage kids from drugs, but it was like none of the programmers had never gotten shit in their nose in their whole life. Like they thought that just ‘cuz something was a drug it would feel way different from trying to figure out if something was powdered sugar or flour and inhaling too hard. They made it feel like ants crawling around in your head. Literally, I’ve been there before, online, and it’s the exact same feeling. I liked it.

Anyway, I snorted the shit, the illicit software installed itself, and it kicked in. Basically the way DM worked was like the opposite of the rest of the ‘net. Most software converted digital data to neurological impulses and fed it to your brain through your jack, and then you felt like you were there. You could feel and smell and taste and fuck and all that shit, but only as far as the developers were coding for. And all the coders worked for companies, and all the companies wanted money. So all there really was to do was buy shit just like offline only this shit wasn’t even real.

Then DM came. This shit fucked the whole system up. Nobody knows who invented it, but what it does is read your neurological impulses through your jack (that’s right, the shit reads your mind, fucking get over it, its not like even your darkest secrets are novel) and then convert them into code and shoot them out into the cloud, where they come back to you again and feel real. It takes a couple times to learn to control your impulses so that you aren’t just squirting out the most perverted shit you can think of and then being ashamed of it and trying to think of something else, but once you get the hang of it you can really do pretty much anything you wanted. Which is, of course, why it got banned. I figure DM had hit the market for maybe an hour before the whole fucking net was flooded with kiddie porn and every kind of animal fucking and being fucked by every kind of person, and the authorities had no way to know what was coded by real developers and what was just some sick fuck’s delusion and so they just banned the whole program, you know, to protect our children.

The first time I Dreamt I was taking a real hard ass pounding from a tranny with tits as big as my head before I realized I was online and got ashamed, tried to think of something less embarrassing. I turned the tranny into some blonde movie star chick and I was fucking her instead of the other way around, only I couldn’t keep my mind there and before long the blonde movie star was a tranny and fucking me in the ass while I was fucking her in the cunt and holy shit the whole fucking thing felt totally real and I came all over myself and my system without even touching myself and fucking ripped the jack out in shame and ecstasy.

The second time I Dreamt I went in with a rehearsed idea and stayed away from fucking because that shit just gets out of hand way too damn fast. Call me sentimental or a pussy or whatever, but this time I tried recreating a memory I had with my dead Grandma from when I was a kid. It went way better than the first time, but it’s not something I recommend. Childhood memories re-experienced as an adult is, at the very best of times, horribly awkward. I’ll let you imagine what it is at the worst of times, and keep in mind that what you imagine is exactly what it becomes.

But eventually, like most Dreamers, I learned how to use the shit and started experimenting more and more. Eventually I found I really enjoyed tripping balls while Dreaming, letting all my hallucinations become real and influence themselves, like a feedback loop. Sometimes I would download a trip to my system so I could come back to it clean. One time I even scored some peyote and did it. Holy shit. Take a 12 hour trip on one of the most potent hallucinogens yet discovered or manufactured, add in the fact that the user is essentially self-trained in psychonautics, and then make the hallucinations real. It was fucking amazing, but I stayed offline for a week after it.

This time I was trying something new. I loaded up my peyote trip and let it play while I popped some mushrooms and then a couple tabs of PureChi, some new Asian shit that I guess was designed to use with DreamMaker. The guy I got it off was all into that chakra shit, had a lotus tattoo on his forehead and was trying to tell me how PC was intended to clear the chi flow from root to crown so that by the time it hit the DM software you could use it in your path to enlightenment or whatever. So I took some of that too, got online with the peyote trip loaded, and then booted the DM.

When I came down, I remembered nothing after the ants in my skull sensation of the DM and my system was wiped clean. I looked out my window to see how much time had passed. Five stories down, on the street in front of my apartment, was a huge black van with all kinds of antennas and shit sticking off it. A couple guys in uniforms were leaning against it smoking. Then I heard what must’ve been at least a dozen pairs of combat boots in the stairwell. They were still a few flights down. I did what any respectable citizen would do. I grabbed the leftover PC, my blank system and a backpack, and I booked it.

Chapter Two: Flight -->

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