Chapter Four: Flesh

It was nearly night again before Aphrodyke finished her robot. Ada landed the chopper and had me wait in the bushes in case anything went wrong when she hijacked the body. I waited outside the garage, power tool sounds occasionally creeping through the thin walls. I was bored. I couldn’t get online, couldn’t keep touch with Ada, just had to wait until the robot came to life and kidnapped the girl.

Suddenly, I heard a scream from inside. I hesitated to go in, but the whole purpose of my being here was in case anything went wrong. I got up and opened the door to the garage.

“Oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah!” a woman was screaming. She was naked, her hands covered in brownish grease. Her hair was short, she wore glasses, and she was on her knees on an operating table, riding a lifeless-looking woman wearing a strapon dildo. When she heard the door hit the wall from the force of my opening it, she almost fell off the table. She scrambled to grab a blue jumpsuit to cover herself with and said, “Who the impetuous fuck are you?”

I must admit, I was standing agape in the doorway with an erection asserting itself beneath my clothes. “Uh...” I said.

“I said, who the fuck are you? Why are you here?” She yelled, and she had pulled a huge, old-fashioned revolver from the pocket of the coveralls.

“Fuck! Don’t shoot me!” I yelled. My balls ached from the rapid transition between aroused and fucking terrified.

“Well you clearly aren’t a cop, then,” she said. She kept the gun aimed at me with one hand, and with the other she extracted a pack of cigarettes from another pocket on her clother, inserted it into her mouth, then got out a lighter and lit it. While doing this, her clothing fell to her lap, exposing her breasts to me again. “Stop staring at my tits,” she said around the cigarette, exhaling a dense cloud of smoke as she spoke. “And start explaining. Boorish prick.” She pulled the hammer back on her revolver. She and I both knew it was unnecessary, but it served the proper effect: making my asshole clench up hard enough to crush a golf ball.

“Ok, ok. Shit. This is gonna be pretty fucking hard to believe.”

I explained to her the whole story about Ada and the cops and the chopper and everything, leaving out only the parts that involved penises.

“Likely fucking story,” she said when I was done. While I was explaining she had gone into the other room and put on the coveralls. Then she stashed the dildo, leaving the robot woman body on the table. It looked just like Ada, and totally lifelike except for the panel on her arm that was open, a few wires exposed.

“I can prove it,” I said. “Just finish your robot.”

“And if I do, your AI will appropriate it?”

“Well, yeah. But it’ll prove it’s true. And anyway, if you ever finish the robot, Ada will take it. Doesn’t matter whether I’m here. There’s really no avoiding that part.”

“I see another option. I can call the cops on you for trespassing, they’ll find out you’re a malcontent, and eventually they’ll figure out how to deactivate her.”

“You try that, Ada will blow this whole place to a glassy crater. What kind of helicopters you think they’re building at fucking Area 51?” I hoped she wouldn’t call my bluff, because the truth was, our chopper didn’t have shit for weaponry.

“Naw, fuck that. I’ve always been intrigued at the possibility of Homo ex machina.” She attached a few wires in the robot’s arm and closed the panel. The robot began to move.

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