An Unusual Happening on T'Ros

Brother Thaddeus kicked the alien scum in the face. A blue mist of blood shot out the beast’s mouth, and a trickle of the stuff was coming out of the slit where the thing’s nose would be, if it were an Emperor-fearing human.

“What is that thing on your face anyway?” he asked the thing, knowing it wouldn’t answer, as it didn’t speak the tongue of holy Terra. He removed a glove of his power armor and wiped up the blood, following the trail up to its source. The Tau started to recoil, so Thaddeus held its head still with his other hand. The opening the blood was coming out of was moist. He removed his other gauntlet and set a thumb on either side of the slit. He pulled it open a bit. It was deep. He inserted a finger. It came out slimy and covered in blue blood.

“Is this a twat?” he asked the alien. “It’s a fething twat!” Thaddeus thought for a moment. Back when he was a guardsman, a grunt fighting alongside tanks and titans, he would surely have asserted his dominance against such a being. His conversion to a Space Marine, one of the Emperor’s hand-picked elite soldiers, had removed certain “equipment” in favor of extreme survivability, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t make this xenos learn to pray to the Emperor. He looked around him and found a nice-sized munitions shell, presumably a rocket that had discharged prematurely and flown off to this location. He kicked the alien in the gut and bent down to grab the shell. Then he removed the rest of his blessed armor and dug out his emergency garrote, using it to lash the missile into place.

His eight foot frame bent down to retrieve the hoofed blue being. He grabbed the back of its head with his massive hand, turned its face to his crotch. Its eyes widened when it realized the purpose of his unusual instrument and it tried to struggle, but its strength was no match for the Astartes. He spit onto his free thumb and rubbed some saliva onto the alien’s facial opening. Without hesitating he thrust his hip forward and forced the weapon into the opening. The alien was making indecipherable noises and trying to fight him, but that only increased Thaddeus’ enjoyment of the situation.

“Thank the Emperor you fething piece of dung! Thank him for your good fortune! You’re getting fethed by a Space Marine. Few beings can claim such honor!” Thaddeus laughed as the xenos gave up struggling and relaxed. “What a fething monster! It likes it!” He laughed again, slapping the Tau across its cheek as he continued. It flinched but did not resume the fight, no doubt just wishing for its inevitable death.

But at that moment Thaddeus’ rape was interrupted by a flash of pink in the sky, that looked for a moment like space ripping open, birthing out tendrils of sickly purple. But it was gone before he was even sure his eyes had seen it. But the feeling the tendrils left behind, a sense of violation that he could not ignore, assured Thaddeus that he had seen true.

“What heresy are you practicing?” Thaddeus asked the alien, but even as he asked he knew it couldn’t have had anything to do with the magic he thought he had seen. Ordos xenos inquisitors had positively determined that Tau had no warp presence, and hence were incapable of practicing the heretical witchcraft of the Eldar and other aliens.

Suddenly Brother Thaddeus was overcome with nausea, and he kicked his alien victim away as he bent over and vomited. Space Marines’ modified physiology rendered them all but immune to most discovered diseases and poisons, leaving Thaddeus wonder what had caused this illness. He wasn’t left much time to wonder, though, as his stomach had seemingly inflated to the size of a Basilisk missile. Even his tough skin was ripping from the speed of the sudden growth. Thaddeus heard a voice that seemed to come from nowhere, but yet everywhere at once. It spoke in his own tongue, but was decidedly inhuman.

“Emperor’s finest!” it scoffed. He had difficulty determining whether it was male or female. “I’ve left you a little present.” It cackled and its laugh was like hundreds of voices laughing at once, some in ecstasy, others in sadistic glee and still more in madness and despair.

His innards were agonising, no doubt struggling to make room for whatever was happening in his belly. “Emperor curse you, alien! What have you brought on me!” but the grey-skinned being was looking at his swelling stomach with terror and surprise.

There was a ripping sound and a horrible pain that seemed to start inside Thaddeus’ intestines and force its way straight downward, reaching the area that once had contained his genitals and peaking in a sharp agony. If his altered physique had not included automated anesthetics, Thaddeus doubted that he could have handled the pain and still maintained his sanity. Something was coming out from between his legs. The alien was trying to back away but the injuries Thaddeus had inflicted on it slowed its retreat.

Whatever had grown inside Thaddeus had apparently forced its way out, as his ripped abdominal skin now lay loose on him like a shredded and deflated atmospheric re-entry damper, and his body was fighting to close the wound in his crotch before he bled out. He was having trouble focusing, but saw a blue mist sprinkling into the air where his alien victim had been.

A shadow passed over him. He had only a moment to behold his son before it inserted its claw-like arms into his mouth and tore his head open.

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