Monday, December 7, 2015

Gyndroids Draft 1 Complete!

Well it only took three years for me to stop being so goddamn lazy and spend ONE FUCKING MONTH doubling the length of my eventual debut novel Do Gyndroids Dream of Electric Dicks? to the point where it is now, finally, through the first draft!

At this point, I won't be posting any more on the site, since I obviously gave that up a long damn time ago, but for now I will leave what is there. You can think of it as a tantalizing sample.

So when can you get a copy in your hands? I don't fucking know! But I do know that I currently have a handful of first draft readers getting me notes and I plan to spend February working on a second draft. After that, I try to see what I can do about publishing, which will probably involve significant heartache and frustration before giving in and self-publishing.


  1. "...significant heartache and frustration before giving in and self-publishing."

    Welcome to my life, mutha fucka!

  2. I hope mine is less significant than yours was. I might burn the Internet if I get accepted by a publisher then anti accepted.