We Write Weird Shit

I am co-hosting the podcast We Write Weird Shit with fellow weird author Bryce David Salazar (a.k.a. Jake). Check it out on iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, RSS, and Web.

Do Gyndroids Dream of Electric Dicks?

My current pet project is Do Gyndroids Dream of Electric Dicks? (formerly known as DreamMaker): a humorous, vulgar cyberpunk story about a boy and his accidental AI sex robot. You can read about the first third of it on this very site, linked below. I recently finished the first draft of the full novel and will be working on the second draft throughout 2016.

The beautiful art to the left created by the talented jajs.

"It’s sorta like Philip K. Dick took more drugs than usual and then went on 4chan." -beardsmelting